Website Maintenance

No need to worry about updating and trying to fix your own website! <htmlab®> offers you fast and efficient website maintenance services. We will update, enhance, backup and repair your site quickly and efficiently, while you can go on running your business. We will maintain the quality of your website, keeping it fresh for your return clients. If you need to add more images, new banners, new calendar events, change the content of the site, backup any important data, add new plugins and functionality, let us do it for you.

Our website maintenance services are professional and affordable with quick turnaround and delivery times. We always have custom solutions to website functionality problems at an affordable cost. We offer professional help with any bugs or misfortunes which may happen to your site, affordable site monitoring.

Our site monitoring is effective and professional. As soon as we receive maintenance requests, the sites get updated or fixed right away. All the website development and maintenance is being performed in a secure way, with non-disclosure of the passwords or any site information.

We run maintenance services contract of various types, depending on the project requirements and duration. Some of the commonly used formats are:

  • Man-hour/ Quantum based Maintenance
  • On-site Maintenance
  • Retainer Maintenance Contract