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About me...

My name is Yiannis Koutsaftakis and I am a freelance web designer and developer, who focuses on bringing a change in your online web presence. I work closely with my clients to find the heart of their message and communicate it to their target audiences, in an exciting and efficient manner.

The <htmlab®> website was created as my online presence nearly 4 years ago. I have a vast experience of over a decade in designing and developing web solutions. I work for agencies but I also design web pages for standalone companies and individuals. My aspiration is to make you, the customer, very happy while establishing long-term relationship and loyalty.

<htmlab®>, provides a range of services including: Web design & development, website redesigns, PSD to XHTML conversion, search engine optimization and much more.

Why am I different

Freelance web design, & development is different to your everyday corporate approach. Certainly not any less professional, only a better, more personalized service, and of course freelance-friendly prices. No doubt a win win!

Freelancing is indeed the way of the future. And not just in web design and development, but in so many different industries. It makes perfect sense, business and service wise, as well as ecological.

Professional and honest service and advice. <htmlab®> always places the client at the center of any web project, ensuring utmost level of care, respect and satisfaction. Never charge for unnecessary "extras" or minor web updates, and always go above and beyond expectations. Always!

Freelance web design and development is more than a profession for me. In fact, it is a passion and art, working with pure honesty and care.